Friday, March 10, 2017

Thinking about Social Justice

     Image result for social justice       I think it is important to value social justice because it is the way we treat each other and value each other. Without social justice, there would be no order, and everybody would feel superior to everyone else and absolutely nobody would be treated with equality. If we dont value social justice, then inevitably we value social injustice. I think race equality is a very big problem issue today. Everybody is always talking about what race somebody is and trying to connect it to certain things. For example, Barack obama and Donald Trump. It was a social breakthrough when barrack obama was elected president because he was the first back person to ever be elected. Everybody thought that things would get better for black people because he is black. In reality, things should have and did get better for everyone, not just black people. He tried to make it fair and improve the quality of life for people of all color. Donald Trump is seen as a racist. He is trying to build a wall to keep out mexicans and "sending people back where they came from". In reality, we all come from the same place. Were all immigrants. The school system is another social injustice.
           The school system, to me, is entirely an issue of social justice. I watched a video about "suing the school system" and it really made me think. He talked about how everything in this world from cars to cell phones evolve yet school never has. We sit in neat rows while the teachers tell us what and how to think. It stifles the students creativity and the teachers because they are not aloud to teach what they feel. Every child is different and the school system tries to force us into believing all the same things and making us think the same. Not all students learn the same way. Also, they say school prepares us for life, i disagree. School prepares us for more school, college. Then, college prepares us for a job. But never in school do we learn how to file taxes, how to pay bills, how to drive, how to use public transportation, or any life skills we'll need. The honest truth is that all school prepares us for is more school.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

An Internet without Screens might Looks like this (ted talk)- Tom Uglow

     Image result for happiness         Tom Uglow makes the argument that humans like things to feel natural. He says that our phones and such are not natural, so perhaps thats why we keep trying to change and upgrade things to make them feel more natural. Alot of adults claim that people are addicted to their phones, he disagrees. Instead, we are addicting to the information that flows through the phone and not the phone itself. Parents often complain that their children spend too much time on their phones, yet they use electronics and devices to teach their children how to read, write and learn. Even we, in highschool, spend most of our time on computers to learn. He goes on to talk about imagining the internet without screens, and to instead imagine it using sensors and light. There was one new gadget that was a mood sensor that could detect your moods throught out the day depending on how you touched it. This were kind of like our "emojis" he said. He also makes a point that we are the makers of technology. There is a common argument that we are making computers "too smart" and that they are becoming smarter than us. That may be true in a sense. Although, we make the technology, it does not make us. No matter how smart computers get, we are always their maker. Overall, he tells us that the world should be evolving not away from technology, but to a different kind of technology. And that this is a great time of human development.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Gilberts Ted Talk

        Image result for happiness   In this talk, Gilbert argues that "our longings and worries are both to some degree overblown because we have within us the capacity to manufacture the very commodity were constantly chasing when we choose experience,". He tells us in the beginning that we have the amazing ability to make decisions based upon experiences we create in our minds. We can imagine and determine the outcome of a situation completely in our head. One of his main arguments was that happiness can be synthesized. He says there are 2 kinds of happiness, natural and synthesized. Natural is the happiness we get when we get what we want, synthesized is the happiness we create when we dont get what we want. There are many people who completely disagree with that and believe that we should all strive for natural happiness. Honestly, I agree with Gilbert. If natural happiness is what we get when we get what we want, then if we never get what we want we will ALWAYS be unhappy. We have the ability to make ourselves happy when life doesnt necesarily want us to. What i took away from this ted talk is that even if we dont get what we want, we dont have to send our lives being miserable. We can make ourselves happy if we really want to. Just because the happiness is synthesized doesnt mean it isnt real. For example, there was a study where they had people rank paintings 1-5 from best to worst. They got to take home either 3 or 4. Say they picked three, then they were asked to rank the paintings again. This time, the ones they liked the most (1 &2) were now in the places of 4 and 5. The picture they were allowed to keep, 3, was now ranked higher than before. They made themselves believe that they liked 3 better because its the one they were stuck with. Overall, I know that we can determine our happiness no matter the situation.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


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Happiness can be defined as "the state of being happy". Personally, I think it's a little more complex than that. The idea of happiness is a deeper concept than just being "happy". In a nutshell, I think happiness is simply the state of being content with your own life any aspect of your life. Happiness is different for every person. Some say money makes them happy, but there are plenty of rich people who are not. Honestly I think happiness is definitely not the most important factor in life. For some people, happiness is being able to provide a roof over their families head and put dinner on the table. The only way for them to do that is to get up every morning and go to work so they can make money. Do they necessarily want to do that? Probably not. Do they need to do that? yes. So therefore, their everyday routine may not make them happy, but what they get from that ultimately may be just enough. (170) There are plenty of reasons for people to be unhappy. Circumstance and situation may be two of the most common. Some people just were not as blessed as others and might not have food everyday, family, shelter or anything that we consider everyday necessities.Others may be unhappy because they are trying to be something or someone they are not. Sometimes people compromise their own true self to impress other people or just to fit in. Deep down I cant imagine this making the truly happy to have to deny themselves everyday. Overall, happiness can only truy be measured on a personal scale and is much more complex than just "the state of being happy".

Friday, December 2, 2016


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Grit can be defined as ones courage and strength of character. A "gritty" person is someone who is valiant and lionhearted. They know they may fail, but they will pick themselves up and keep going until they reach their goals. I think I am a person who demonstrates grit. I've always considered myself a resilient person. For example, I just started playing basketball this year with a whole bunch of people who have playing for years. I know that I just lack experience and discipline in the game compared to the rest of them team(s). All in all, I am going to continue to play despite the challenges and tribulations because I am willing to fail in order to eventually succeed. I always remember to tell myself that everybody starts somewhere. I am willing to argue that being gritty does not only mean motivated. I believe grit is also about your character. You dont have to be necessarily trying to achieve something specific, but maybe it is just the way you live your life. A person who lives their life day by day, accepting that their will be challenges and not letting it get the best of them is a gritty person in my opinion. Grit is also being persistent. If there is something that you want then you are going to strive everyday and work at it until you have it. A gritty person could also be someone who has bad grades. I know it sounds bad but maybe that person is coming to tutorial everyday, saturday school every week, and taking 7 classes so that they can catch back up. That is simply a person who made mistakes in the past. Being gritty doesnt mean being perfect. It means making mistakes and learning from them and trying to avoid them in the future.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Self Control

When it comes to delaying gratification, I dont really have much self control. I've tried to be on a diet so many times in my life but i just cant seem to get enough of  unhealthy foods. My cognitive control lacks in several areas such as my ability to control my emotions. I've always been a very sensitive person and i usually let my emotions get the best of me. When im angry, Im really angry. Sometimes i get so angry that i cry because im so frustrated. When people yell at me or say something i dont like, sometimes its hard for me to hold back tears. I think I've always been a very angry person sometimes. I really have had problems in the past controlling my anger. Anything anybody says that I don't like upsets me. When it comes to cognitive control I think honestly it just depends. If I were in the marshmallow test I probably would wait, but I'm not in kindergarten. If I was, though, I probably wouldn't wait. I read an article once about why the children should believe they get a second marshmallow if they wait. They said that trust comes into play in the exeperiment. The kids have no way of knowing they will really get a second marshmallow, so they have nothing to lose if they eat the first. I think that is apart of my problem too. I think I have always had an issue trusting myself and believing in myself and I think that's why I'm so angry sometimes.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Stereotype Me

Image result for jaelynn perkinsi am 14 years old, 5'9, african american female in the 10th grade. I assume its pretty easy to stereotype me into many different categories. Even though im black and tall, no i dont not play basketball. In reality, i am a cheerleader. This is actually my 4th year cheering, but people wouldnt get that idea based off my tall and athletic build i guess. There is one true assumption about me though. I do in fact run track. This is actually my 5th year running track and i love it. I would consider myself pretty good. Another stereotype people falsely categorize me under is ghetto, a term generally associated with black people. Because im black,  live in lemon grove, and hangout with black people, i've been thrown onto to "ghetto" bandwagon. If people didnt judge based off my appearance and friends, they would know that i just moved to lemon grove last year. I actually grew up in a "white" (another stereotype) neighborhood. I was raised very moderately, kind of the farthest away you can get from ghetto. And about being black, i still dont know how that automatically makes one assume your ghetto. Our president of the United States is black, is he ghetto too? I wont lie, i sometimes too falsely categorize people based on their looks. We assume that people who dont wear name brands and designer are broke. We assume people that do wear name brands and designer are rich. We assume people with piercings and tattoos are bad. The world of stereotypes is a hard world to escape. People just look at you and automatically create an image and judgement of you.